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About Kelly

A journalist in New York City for more than a decade, Kelly Will wrote columns appearing in the New York Times, the New York Post and the New York Daily News. She was media trained by Emmy-winning producers, appearing on ABC News, Fox News, CNBC and MTV among ten weekly radio segments.

While traveling the world for the story of the moment, Kelly developed relationships that inspired her across the globe and began consulting on digital strategy for PepsiCo, Ford Motor Company and Nutrisystem. Contracts extended and PepsiCo hired her to speak on their behalf at the Word of Mouth Marketing conference in Las Vegas. After more than six years together, she still works with Ford Motor Company.

Kelly’s most recent project was deeply personal. Combining her love of people, journalism and travel, she took one year to cross all 50 States. Documenting her daily adventures, she made life-affirming connections with thousands of people and stayed with 164 families. This intensive tour of love, home, family and community honed Kelly’s skills in understanding every reader and every audience.

Expanding brands and creating stories through beautiful and honest communication is her focus today. Kelly is a storyteller of the human experience.

Kelly’s book, Willful, drops Spring 2016!

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