One Person, One Community, ONE NATION!

Project: 50 States In 365 Days

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Miles Traveled


Personal Connections Made


Money Spent


Host Families




The social and personal web we weave is greater than any of us can imagine. I will travel to all 50 States in 365 Days using only the circles of my friends and family and their extended circles of friends and family. I will use social media in a new way, proving that it can make us MORE social.

Project Details:

Each night I seek a safe haven to sleep and many lifelong friendships. I stay in each home for two to three nights before moving on to the next host home. I plan and schedule host homes one to two weeks in advance and I visit only the places where people want to host me. I can provide my own Aerobed, sheets, blankets, pillow and towels. I guarantee I will leave every home cleaner than I find it, bringing only positivity and love in the door with me.

Date Started:

May 17, 2013

Date Completed:

May 18,2014

Hypothesis Proven Correct:

  • 164 Host Homes
  • 615 Connections Made
  • 50 States in 365 Days
  • 8,000 Photos Taken, Endless Stories Attached To Each One
  • Kelly Creates the One Person, One Community, One Nation Movement